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  Classical Stereomicroscopes


LCS11 - Leica MS5 Stereoscope

Leica MS5 Stereomicroscope

LCS12 - Leica MZ7.5 Stereoscope

Leica MZ7.5 Stereomicroscope

LCS13 - Leica MZ6 Stereoscope

Leica MZ6 Stereomicroscope

LCS14 - Leica MZ7.5 Stereomicroscope

Leica MZ7.5 Stereomicroscope

LCS01 - Leica MZ6 Zoom Stereomicroscope on Twin-Arm Boom Stand

The Leica MZ6 stereomicroscope creates brilliant three-dimensional images while the ergonomic binocular tilt and stable ball bearing boom stand allow great multi-axis flexibility of placement over fine assembly and preparation work.

LCS07 - Leica MZ APO Trinocular Stereomicroscope for Transmitted Light Brightfield & Darkfield

Superb images are assured using the fully Apochromatic optics of Leica's best, and hands-free motorized focus allows unencumbered observation and manipulation of delicate transilluminated subjects.

LCS08 - Leica MZ6 for Observation and Imaging in Incident Light

The stepless zoom optics of the widefield MZ6 stereomicroscope from Leica make composition of sharp images on film, video or digital cameras an easy matter, and a wide range of accessories is available to address the most demanding subjects.

LCS09 - Leica MS5 for Observation and Imaging in Incident Light

A great performer with pin-sharp optics from Leica of Germany, the MS5 can tackle demanding tasks while simultaneously recording processes and results on film, video or digital cameras.


WCS34 - Wild M5 Stereomicroscope for Transmitted Light

Wild M5 Stereomicroscope for Transmitted Light

WCS35 - Wild M5A Stereomicroscope for Incident Light

Wild M5A Stereomicroscope for Incident Light

WCS36 - Wild M5A APO Stereomicroscope for Transmitted Light

Wild M5A APO Stereomicroscope for Transmitted Light

WCS37 - Wild M7S Stereomicroscope for Incident Light

Wild M7S Stereomicroscope for Incident Light

WCS30 - Wild M8 for Transmitted Light Brightfield & Darkfield

Representing the top of the line from Heerbrugg before the introduction of the MZ Series, the M8 still delivers world-class performance.

WCS31 - Wild M3Z Zoom Stereomicroscope with Oblique Tilt for Two Observers

When the need arises to share the subtleties of a procedure with a colleague, nothing surpasses the ease of teaching in real time using the dual-view stereomicroscope shown here on a stable base with convenient tilt feature for oblique-angle observation.

WCS32 - Wild M3Z Zoom Stereomicroscope for Transmitted Light

The M3Z zoom stereomicroscope is favored by many who appreciate the crisp view afforded by it's sharp optics, enhanced here by the robust Diagnostic Instruments MTB transmitted light stand for direct and oblique illumination that can bring out subtle details in unstained transparent specimens.

WCS26 - Wild M8 Stereomicroscope for Imaging in Transmitted Light

The legendary Swiss Wild M8 effortlessly affords high quality images for research.


NCS17 - Nikon SMZ 2T Stereomicroscope on Plain Stand

SMZ 2T Stereomicroscope

NCS05 - Nikon SMZ-2B Stereomicroscope for Reflected Light

The SMZ-2B is a compact, high resolution stereomicroscope for demanding applications.

NCS06 - Nikon SMZ-10 Trinocular Stereomicroscope on Deluxe Diascopic Stand

The parallel optical system of the Nikon SMZ-10 zoom stereomicroscope incorporates Nikon's extra-low-dispersion (ED) glass and integrated multi-layer coatings for unprecedented image quality.

NCS07 - Nikon SMZ645 Zoom Stereomicroscope on Plain Stand

Nikon's current SMZ645 offers a dramatic improvement in clarity and ergonomy for operator comfort, zooming effortlessly from 8x to 50x using 10x eyepieces.

NCS16 - Nikon SMZ800 for Imaging in Transmitted Light Brightfield & Darkfield

Ergonomics and functionality are desirable features well addressed by this modern performer from respected maker Nikon.


ZCS01 - Zeiss SR Stereomicroscope for Incident and Transmitted Light

The Zeiss SR is a highly flexible, fully expandable, compact stereomicroscope.

ZCS07 - Zeiss SR Stereomicroscope for Imaging in Reflected Light

Classic, all-metal Zeiss stereomicroscope, offered here with the optional highly flexible imaging port.


OCS14 - Olympus SZ4045 Stereoscope

Olympus SZ4045 Stereomicroscope

OCS07 - Olympus SZ4045 Stereomicroscope for Reflected Light on Plain Stand

Budget-conscious performer from Olympus delivers a fine image in a compact instrument.

OCS10 - Olympus SZ6045 Stereomicroscope for Imaging on Boom Stand

Rock-solid stereomicroscope from Olympus facilitates inspection and recording of of odd-sized specimens.

OCS11 - Olympus SZ6045 for Transmitted Light Brightfield & Darkfield

Highly-regarded Olympus quality in a compact package for sharp transmitted light images

  Wild Macroscopes


WMS03 - Wild M410 Zoom Macroscope

A superb Wild zoom macroscope for inspection, quality control and production surveillance. Designed for high quality, high-information imaging in investigation and documentation.

WMS04 - Wild M420 Macroscope for Reflected Light

In a category by itself, the Swiss Wild M420 Macroscope is a world-class imaging instrument.

WMS06 - Wild M420 Macroscope with 6" x 6" X-Y Stage

The legendary Leica-Wild Macroscopes from Switzerland are exemplified here by this extremely capable imager equipped for transmitted and reflected light.

WMS07 - Wild M420 Macroscope on Boom Stand

The special problems presented by large specimens are easily mastered by the positioning flexibility of the Wild boom stand.

WMS08 - Wild M420 with Apozoom on Heavy Twin-Arm Ball Bearing Boom Stand

For the most accurate observation and recording of difficult samples, few instruments can surpass the legendary Swiss M420 equipped with the Apochromatic zoom objective, coupled here with a bright halogen coaxial illuminator for shadow-free investigations, the whole suspended from a super-stable boom stand for easy placement over large samples.

WMS01 - Wild M410 Macroscope with Co-Axial Illuminator for Reflected Light

A superb Wild zoom inspection microscope for demanding tasks in metallurgy and other reflected light applications.

  Surgical Microscopes


ZSM03 - Zeiss OPMI-1 FC with Motor Focus on Low-Profile Floor Stand

Zeiss OPMI-1 FC with Motor Focus on Low-Profile Floor Stand

ZSM04 - Zeiss Opmi 99 Surgical Microscope for Colposcopy

Zeiss Opmi 99

ZSM02 - Zeiss OPMI-1 Surgical Microscope

The world-famous Zeiss OPMI-1 surgical microscope accepts optional accessories for bright, clear co-observation and photodocumentation making it ideal for training and for recording tabletop procedures.

  Specialty Stereomicroscopes


LSS02 - Leica Fluorescence Macroscope

Leica Fluorescence Macroscope

LSS01 - Leica MZ6 for GFP Epi-Fluorescence

Crisp images in epifluorescence are a hallmark of the Leica MZ6 thanks to the powerful HBO 100 illumination and choice of filter sets for multiple fluorochromes.


ZSS01 - Zeiss Stemi 2000 Stereomicroscope for Gemology and Mineralogy

Schneider of Germany gemological darkfield base with quality Zeiss Stemi 2000 stereomicroscope assures stunning accuracy in gemstone evaluation.



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