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Wild M420 Macroscope with 6" x 6" X-Y Stage
(Ref # WMS06)

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WMS06 Specifications

  • Proven uniaxial beampath assures imaging accuracy and correct measurement by elimination of the parallax of classical stereomicroscopes.

  • Widefield 10x focusable eyepieces allow installation of reticles for all types of measurement and frame-finding.

  • Integral coaxial imaging port allows attachment of film, video and digital cameras of all formats.

  • Bright halogen coaxial illuminator assures even, shadow-free illumination of the subject and the included quarter wave plate affords reflection control and contrast enhancement of highly-specular samples.

  • Highly-corrected zoom lens zooms from 6.3x to 32x using 10x eyepieces, a range which can be extended by auxiliary front lenses of 0.5x and 2.0x, as well as eyepieces of 16x, 25x and 40x.

  • Extremely stable cast steel baseplate supports a well-anchored precision x-y stage with disengageable coaxial controls affording conversion to an easy glide motion for quick specimen scans.

  • Generous 6" x 6" stage travel and glass plate specimen surface allows for transmitted light illumination using the included swinging mirror device that can be fed by an available halogen illuminator or a fiber optic light guide.

  • Movable mirror allows the light to be modulated to creat an oblique darkfield effect for a worthwhile option for seeing otherwise hidden detail.

  • Coaxial coarse and fine focus drive gives complete control of precise z-axis position for sharp images and observation.

  • Integral iris diaphragm further enhances depth of field for specimens exhibiting high surface relief.

  • 1.25x magnification factor at the imaging port delivers a further boost in detail available to the camera with a small sacrifice in image circle.



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