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ACS17 - Burleigh MIS 5000 Piezo Micromanipulator

Super-critical applications are handily addressed by this precision micromanipulator system from one of the leaders in piezo translation.


ACS01 - Leitz Micromanipulator M

Favored by many researchers worldwide for their precision, the classic Leitz manual micromanipulator has no equal.


ACS06 - Narishige MX-2 3-Axis Direct Drive Micromanipulator

Drift-free tilting patch clamp tower for electrophysiology


ACS07 - Marzhauser DC-3K Micromanipulators

Precise 3-axis motor driven micromanipulators by this renowned German maker.



PHZ02 - Zeiss MC100 Camera System

Fully-automatic shutterpiece and controller for Axioline instruments. Format options include 35mm, Polaroid pack film and 4x5.


PHL04 - Leitz Orthomat-W Automatic Camera System

Automatic 35mm photomicrographic camera system for all Leitz microscopes.

  Video Microscopy

  Cooled CCD Cameras  

VID11 - Princeton Instruments (EG&G/PARC) Model OMA-IV optical Multi-Channel analyzer with Low UV Option

VID11 is a complete, Windows-driven imaging spectroscopy package for the 200nm to 1100nm range.


VID01 - Dage-MTI SC-67M B&W Video Camera System

VID05 - Dage-MTI NC-68 B&W Video Camera

VID03 - Hamamatusu C2741 B&W Video Camera System

  Accessories for Cell Biology

ACS22 - Schott KL-1500 LCD

Schott KL-1500 LCD

ACS23 - Schott KL-1500E Ringlight Illumination System

Schott KL-1500E Ringlight Illumination System

ACS24 - Olympus DP-11 Digital Camera System

Olympus DP-11 Digital Camera System

ACS10 - 20/20 Technology Cell Thermostating Stage

The Bionomic Cell System offers precise temperature and atmosphere control of sensitive biological specimens in IVF, Cell Biology and Electro-Probing.

ACS11 - Burleigh PiezoDrill for Transgenics and Microinjection

MIS-5000 Series Microinjection Manipulation System

  Accessories for Confocal Microscopy

ACS18 - Physik Instrumente (PI) Piezo Microscope Objective Nanopositioner

From the German leader in piezo technology, the model P-721 nano-focusing device offers sub-nanometer resolution for stack acquisition in confocal and deconvolution microscopy.

ACS15 - Yokogawa CSU-10 Real Time Live Cell Laser Confocal System

Stunning real-time images of cellular processes without phototoxicity or bleaching are a feature of this unique microlens-based Nipkow confocal scanhead adaptable to any microscope, upright or inverted


ACS20 - Narishige IM-200 Microinjector

The venerable IM-200 from Narishige of Japan has proven itself to be a very capable performer when accuracy of delivery is paramount.

ACS12 - Eppendorf 5242 Microinjector

Precise digital control for delivery of picoliter quantities makes critical microinjection simple.

  Accessories for Materials Science

ACS21 - Zeiss Universal 4-Axis Stage for Optical Crystallography

4-Axis Stage for Crystallography

ACS14 - Linkam THM 600 Heating / Freezing Microscope Stage

Allowing sensitive thermometric investigations ranging from -196C to +600C degrees (80K to 870K) at stabilities to 0.01K, the Linkam is a top performer.



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