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Nikon Ophtiphot for Mirau Interference Microscopy
(Ref # NMS01)

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NMS01 Specifications

  • Bright 50 watt halogen illuminator assures accurate discrimination of subtle surface anomalies and height differences in metallurgical and materials science applications.

  • M Plan 5x brightfield and M Plan 10x DI, M Plan 20x DI and M Plan 40x DI Mirau non-contact interference objectives offer a sharp clear view of even the most difficult specimens.

  • The stage can be tilted in any direction by means of two knurled screws, enabling a convenient variance in the width and direction of the interference fringes and also incorporates rotation and X-Y translation.

  • The Mirau objective is the simplest to operate of the microscopes incorporating double-beam interferometers. As interference produced by the specimen surface can be observed in a non-contact, non-destructive manner, there is no fear of specimen damage. Interference fringes can be produced in white light; use of the zero adjustment scale for the dark fringes enables observation of line fringe changes corresponding to several microns on specimen surfaces. Mechanical error is virtually eliminated as the interference fringe interval length is always half of the wave length of source light.

  • For precise measurement of fringes, we also offer a filar micrometer eyepiece.



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